A downloadable game for Windows


Point-and-click, reading and walking simulator for about 5-minutes. Try it if you are bored and prepared for something that has feeling of being unfinished (and actually is unfinished) and most likely won't be updated.

It's bad. I'm somehow sorry, but I enjoyed making it.

Despite everything, I hope you will enjoy it if you take risk of playing it.

Made for Fermi Paradox Jam with LÖVE framework, coffee and limited spare time.


After reaching near-2 level in Kardashev scale humanity started project called "Visitor". It purpose was to find and classify life all around the galaxy. Project was divided into two major sections: Probes and Facilities. Probes were self-replicating robots with semi-intelligent program. Their task was to swarm entire galaxy and send all possible information to the Facilities. Facilities were collecting and storing all gathered information. One of them due to unfortunate coincidence was damaged resulting in memory corruptions. Personality stored there was also corrupted. Semi-AI decided to put Personality on standby and wake it up only when it would be needed.

Install instructions

Download, run visitor.exe.

For now there is no linux version available, sorry.


the-visitor-win32.zip 3 MB


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Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj41TMK5JyM